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Here are some of the Open Source™ projects that the OPAL Group is currently hosting or has recently contributed to:

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Technologies and Standards

The OPAL Group is a major proponent of several key technologies and standards. We are committed to supporting these efforts and the communities that have formed around them through leadership, community participation, advocacy, and Open Source™ contributions such as those listed on this site.

  • The Python programming language
    Python is powerful object oriented interpreted language that is widely recognized as being one of the most easily learned and productive languages ever invented. Despite its simplicity, many of our "big-iron" business application are built in this modern and elegant little language. We invite you to spend just 20 minutes to read either a programmer's tutorial or non-programmer's turorial on Python. Its possibly the last computer language many of you will ever need to know.
  • The PostgreSQL database management system
    PostgreSQL is a sophisticated Object-Relational database that supports almost all SQL constructs, including subselects, transactions, and user-defined types and functions. It is one of the most advanced open-source database available anywhere, and has a long had a reputation for reliability and setting the state-of-the-art for other open-source database projects.

Database related projects

  • UPDATED! Python Database Row Module Version 0.8
    This Python 2.2/2.3 module defines light-weight objects which allow very flexible access to a fixed number of positional and named attributes via several interfaces. Or, more simply, these objects are a better way of returning the results of database queries, since they allow effcient access to fields by name or by index. It uses some of the new features of the Python 2.2 class system, and provide a nice demonstration of how to take advantage of them.

    Now includes pre-compiled Win32 modules for Python 2.2 and 2.3!

  • Python DB-API 2.0 driver for Microsoft ADO Version 0.1
    This Python module implements the beginnings of a DB-API 2.0 compliant driver for Microsoft ADO. It is not yet fully functional, though most features should work except for bound parameters.

  • PostgreSQL Pl/Python embedded SQL interpreter
    We have contributed several security enhancements, bug fixes, code-cleanups and bug reports. These have already been incorporated into PostgreSQL 7.2. New work is progressing on additional features and enhancements to be included in the eventual PostgreSQL 7.4 release.

Web standards projects

  • SelectORacle: English & Spanish translations of CSS2 and CSS3 selectors
    (soon to be released in open-source form)
    Cascading Stylesheets are now a ubiquitous part of the World Wide Web, though few have mastered its intricacies. So if you have you ever wondered what a particularly complex CSS selector really means, here's your chance to find out! SelectORacle is an educational tool that translates even the most complex CSS2 and CSS3 selectors into fairly understandable English or Spanish. It is implemented in pure Python code, and includes a fully functional CSS3 parser.


  • Improvements to John Aycock's SPARK Scanning, Parsing, and Rewriting Kit toolkit
    (patches submitted to John Aycock, though they will be posted here soon)
    We have made several small improvements to SPARK, our favorite parser for little (and not so little) languages. Our patches address parser performance, Python 2.2 compatibility issues, interactions between SPARK and the Python garbage collector, enhanced grammar debugging, and more flexible AST matchers. These changes can result in significantly increased performance of parsing some grammars, sometimes by as much as 300%.
Open Source Software

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